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    Chido, et al, Homosexuality is criminal and should be condemned, However, individuals who are in this act deserve not to be linched as it were, but to be pitied and rehabilitated

    The problem is spiritual in nature and has nothing to do with medical or biological misfit. This is basically from the devil, and God Himself condemns it,Please this calls for intense prayer, admonition and show of love rather than complete Ostratization of victims.

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    Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemo

    I actually have a cousin in Nigeria who contacted me through Facebook to threaten me with a warning about this case, saying that someone should glue my anus shut. Please excuse the vulgarity, but it is just that which amazes me. In a culture that can demonstrate extreme kindness and empathy to strangers, one has to wonder what is the underlying motivation behind this violent strain of homophobia? With so many more widespread issues threatening the lives of people all over Africa, how come gay identity has been singled out? Poverty? Inter-religious war? Hunger? Joblessness? Aren’t we just the latest scapegoats?

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    Diepiriye Sungumote Kuku-Siemo

    Clearly there are plenty of people who just disagree with you.

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