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    We don’t need to waste more time sensitizing anyone… We just need to get on with it. The shame and embarrassment is too much.

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    Real Nigerian

    Rawlings-type is still the only solution. Thats what Nigeria need.Gen. Tunde Idiagbon Would have carried out that action.Otherwise all these so called currupt Generals that looted our country and are still making noise would have rottened in the ground by now; while Nigeria would have been a paradise by now.

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    Sunday Emejeh

    Do not bother yourself, the stage is been made ready by our leaders themselves. In Ghana it was by the military, in Nigeria, the military will not be trusted to do it, the masses will do it themselves.

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    Kingsley Paul

    I believe you Sunday Emejeh, the military cannot be
    trusted. Nigeria situation now is quite different from Ghana then. Nigeria
    military is highly politicised and corrupt too. Don’t give the military the
    opportunity to hijack power again. It will take us many years back. The
    leadership can be changed easily in the next electoral process. It can be done,
    Nigerians should not be hopeless. It’s about voting and insisting your rights
    be respected. If it can be achieved at the state level like Edo and Imo for example,
    what will stop it at the federal level if Nigerians are really serious? When we
    give in to despair, that makes our objective difficult

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    The fact is that we Nigerians speaks good English but the ability to carry out what we said are not practicable at all.Nigeria citizens are highly corrupt from the top to the bottom.God In His infinite mercy blessed Nigeria so much but GREEDINESS AND SELF AQCURING of earthly wealth have robbed Nigerians the joy.There is no Humanitarian scene again! One day all this will be a history like Ghana.

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