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    Edmond Enaibe

    There is no gain saying the fact that the petroleum sector is the hive of corruption in Nigeria. From the days of the military when appointment in the sector were made based on ability to ‘cover’ corruptly awarded contracts/ oil blocks, Nigerians have continually suffered from the calculated exploits of a few select group (cabal, if you like) who have continued to enrich themselves. Why have successive governments find it difficult to build new refineries? Or even keep the old ones to function? Obasanjo boasted many times of how he built the second Port Harcourt refinery from scratch to finish in six months as military head of state, yet he could not build one any where in the eight years he spent as president. There is nothing confusing about the situation in the Nigerian oil sector. We know what is going on. A set of people have milked the cow and its now the turn of another set. Through whom can we summon the WILL to take the right action? Governance in Nigeria today is not different from what we have had since independence. We have only had a change of guard. Pity.

    Edmond Enaibe

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