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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Launch of the Latin American and Caribbean Forum of Media and Information Literacy in Mexico‏: December 10 & 11

The Latin American and Caribbean Forum of Media and Information Literacy will be held on December 10 and 11 in Mexico City. This conference will be hosted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Public Broadcasting System of Mexico with the Autonomous University of Barcelona and UNESCO as co-organizer, and will bring together stakeholders interested in fostering media education among Center and South America.

Professionals and institutions willing to participate should contact trough the Conference website.

Ali Mazrui obituary

Ahmed Rajab/The Guardian  
Ali Mazrui entertained a number of intriguing ideas such as his pet concept of 'Afrabia' – the merging of Africa and the Arab world
Kenyan political thinker who was unafraid to confront contentious issues.

The Kenyan political thinker Ali Mazrui, who has died aged 81, was best known in the west for writing and presenting a groundbreaking television series, The Africans: A Triple Heritage (1986). 

In the nine-part documentary, co-produced by the BBC and the US Public Broadcasting Service in association with the Nigerian Television Authority, Mazrui set out to explore wide-ranging aspects of African culture and society “from the inside”. 

Oscar Pistorius jailed for five years but ‘short’ sentence fiercely criticised

By David Smith/The Guardian
Oscar Pistorius holds the hands of his relatives as he is taken down to holding cells before being taken to Kgosi Mampuru prison. Photograph: Herman Verwey/AFP/Getty
Outrage on social media as defence lawyers for disgraced Paralympian seek his release into house arrest after 10 months.

The last the world saw of Oscar Pistorius on Tuesday was a sombre figure, still wearing suit and tie, under police guard in the back of an armoured vehicle as he was transported to Kgosi Mampuru II prison in Pretoria.

It was left to the imagination what fate awaited the disgraced Paralympian as he prepared to have fingerprints taken, don an orange jumpsuit and spend his first night behind bars at the start of a five-year jail term for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Why I want to be governor of Kaduna State in 2015 – El-Rufai

By Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai 

Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai (Pic: Twitter)
Any observer of the social, political, and economic trends in Nigeria today must be appalled at the level of decay and despair in our society. More alarming is the dangerous path unto which the ruling party has pushed our Nation. 

It does not require genius to realize that the signs are ominous and the very future of our dear country is far from certain.

Polio strategies “repurposed” for Ebola control in Nigeria – WHO

Nigeria has today been declared Ebola free by the World Health Organisation. The country's swift reaction has saved many lives, but could not help the doctor who stemmed the outbreak. (Pic:
For some time now, with dedicated and enthusiastic support from President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria has been running one of the world’s most innovative polio eradication campaigns, using the very latest satellite-based cutting-edge GPS technologies to ensure that no child misses out on polio vaccination.

The country, which passed through the high-transmission season with only 1 single case of polio detected by a finely-tuned and sensitive surveillance system, is on track to interrupt wild poliovirus transmission from its borders before the end of this year.

Ebola in Nigeria: how it all started

The Ebola virus entered Lagos on 20 July via an infected Liberian air traveller, who died 5 days later. At the departure airport, he was visibly very ill, lying on the floor of the waiting room while awaiting the flight. 

He vomited during the flight, on arrival and, yet again, in the private car that drove him to a private hospital. The protocol officer who escorted him later died of Ebola.

Nigeria is now free of Ebola virus transmission

WHO/Andrew Esiebo
The lines on the tabular situation reports, sent to WHO each day by its country office in Nigeria, have now been full of zeros for 42 days. WHO officially declares that Nigeria is now free of Ebola virus transmission. 

This is a spectacular success story that shows that Ebola can be contained. The story of how Nigeria ended what many believed to be potentially the most explosive Ebola outbreak imaginable is worth telling in detail. 

In Ebola-stricken countries, authorities and journalists should work together

Liberians wash at an Ebola information station in Monrovia. The government has implemented restrictions on journalists reporting on the outbreak. (AFP/Pascal Guyot)
The Ebola crisis in West Africa is unrelenting, and journalists on the frontline of reporting on the virus are caught between authorities wanting to control how the outbreak is reported, and falling victim to the disease themselves.

Liberia's media is in a fight for survival, with its government continuing its clampdown on the press which began after the first cases of Ebola were reported there in March, according to CPJ research and interactions with local journalists and rights activists.