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    Anthony Ogunbor

    Re: A
    Hackers’ Paradise called Nigeria

    Anthony Ogunbor

    Dear Chido,

    With your article I have hope again,
    hope that we still have men as Nigerians. It is as if you captured my mood few
    hours before your post as I had just sent a mail to engage Ogaga as regards his
    own musings hours earlier. Your last two paragraphs capture the mood. God bless

    Ours has never been a nation, is not
    and will never be. Nigeria is an illusion. A foundation laid on mutual distrust
    , fueled by self deceit and pretence by a few power and money drunk Nigerians
    from all ethnic nationalities who will do anything to maintain the status quo,
    perfecting the use of bribes and the divide and rule tactics to quash any
    perceived organized opposition or movement. The governed have been
    completely dehumanized and incapacitated.

    Regardless of sectional interests,
    Nigerians are generally fed up. What people need is just promptings and ways of
    going about the imminent revolution or secession. Nigeria is not homogeneous
    and its peoples have completely different views and approaches to life and
    development. Not all countries have homogeneity of peoples but certainly not in
    the category of Nigeria. I lived and grew up in the South South. I have lived
    and worked in the East, West and North and outside Nigeria. The Northern
    people’s psyche and mentality, anywhere you find them, home or abroad, is
    visibly contrasting and this one of the things at the kernel of the problem in
    Nigeria which people shy away from. Until 1914, there was no Nigeria. That
    amalgamation was not done with consultations. Why should the breakup be?

    What forms of disobedience do we adopt?
    How will the revolution, no matter how subtle begin? Where does it start from?
    How will it be sustained? What media will be used? … and much more.

    Furthermore, I am convinced that all
    Nigerian politicians and leaders past and present who have stolen and still
    continue to steal, keep and invest only about 30% of their investment in
    Nigeria. The other 70% are in the Americas, Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Africa
    and Egypt. If these rogues have nowhere to keep their stolen funds or invest
    them abroad, I am sure they will steal less.

    Perhaps Nigerians (especially those who
    live abroad and are privy to the locations of these investments) can begin a
    campaign to persuade all foreign governments to freeze the assets of
    politicians who obviously have no other means of income except their salary or
    those who have investments which they are unable to prove the legality of
    source of funds used to acquire such. The West benefits more from the Nigerian
    tragedy than any less critical thinking mind will ever imagine. A strong
    campaign against this seeming connivance will put some pressure on all parties
    to the endless rape of Nigerians.

    If Abacha’s loot were only $10,000,000
    kept in Swiss Bank since 1997 at 5% interest rate (which is too low to anywhere
    in the world), then by 2012, the accrued interest will be $7,397,260 which is
    over a billion Naira – N1,153,972,603 (if we convert at a rate N156 : $1). This
    is what Nigeria losses and Switzerland gains. It is apart from the initial
    “Capital” of $10,000,000 which will be available for the Swiss economy to lend
    to its citizens or other economic activities.

    You were right, it might be difficult
    to have over 180million people of divergent interests arising from divergent
    ethnic nationalities come together and chase out these leaders, but I tell you,
    if the South South and South East Governors ever have the courage to have a
    closed door meeting anywhere in Nigeria under any kind of name, to discuss the
    way forward, Nigeria will never be the same again. Politicians will quickly
    adjust their steps and the tune will be different. This I am sure of. Perhaps
    this is the unlikely alliance you wrote about.

    Have a great day.

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