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    ebi eno

    Nuhu pls contest and we will vote for you and defend our vote!!!

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    chris ogunrinde

    I wish it was that simple to ask him to contest and he would be voted for. Remember, he was on the ballot during the last Presidential elections but did not get elected. Until Nigerians get sick and tired of talking about this, nothing, and absolutely nothing will change. The Labor movement need to spearhead that Change. They have the power to Occupy Nigeria and shut things down

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    Éméka Anéké

    Well written paper though, Ribadu quantified the value of N64,000 in 1983 wrongly. N64,000 then was about $110,000 (exchange rate) and in today’s money would have been approximately $400, 000. So, it wasn’t peanuts at all that Shagari had then. JJ Rawlings, as the Head of State of Ghana was not sure of his next meal and this is not trying to be metaphorical; that was the reality of the situation for him.

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    Adeaga, Damilola Olusegun

    When we talk of corruption. It’s a 2-way thing; corruption at d top (leadership) and d one at d bottom (followership). Pple learn/imbibe corruption from the bottom as a follower before they get to d top (leadership) where they fully manifest d tendencies. A leader doesn’t just become corrupt overnight after he becomes a leader; he must av learnt it and had it in him b4 becoming a leader.

    Many pple (followers/ordinary citizen) av corrupt orientation in dis country. They learn it from dier roots/leaders (at home, places of worship, schools, offices etc).

    We really nid a general re-orientation in ds country. If u want to confirm what I av said, av a little chat with the youngs kids/students/youths generally and u will be shocked @ what reels out of dier mouth.

    Therefore, there is need to tackle it from d root (prevention).

    Mr Ribadu, may God help u, and may always find strength from God.

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